Which grades did you attend at RCS? Grades 2 (the year RCS opened) through 10.

What was your next step after graduating from RCS?   
While in Grade 9, the principal was approached by the Veenvliet brothers who owned and operated their own masonry business. They were inquiring if there was a student interested in working for them that summer, which I did. The following school year, I finished Grade 10 and the rest is history….I didn’t go back to school but started working full time for them. I learned the trade from them and after working several years with them, I went into business myself in 1994.

How did you find the transition from RCS to your next phase of life?
I was happy to be away from desk, paper and pencils. Not because it was RCS, on the contrary, I was relieved from my academic duties and instead found fulfillment working with my hands.

What is your current occupation? 
Owner/operator of a small construction company specializing in stone and brick work.

Where do you currently live? In our marital home in rural part of Brantford, ON

Are you married? Yes   If yes, for how long? This November we hope to celebrate 25 years of marriage, Lord willing.

Do you have children, if yes, how many? 10 children and 2 sons-in-law (our two oldest daughters are married). Grandchildren? Too young for that yet.

Have you retired? No     If yes, when did you retire? (Can’t afford to think of retiring….Lots of years of tuition yet 😉 )

What feedback or suggestions do you have for the teachers working with our graduating seniors?
Listen for their interests. Sometimes opportunity arises that steers clear of post-secondary education. But if they feel it’s an open door after praying about it, and they show a keen interest in it, then support them. Skilled trades will be in high demand. By all means, encourage academic achievements for those select but alternately, support those who are hands-on and good at what they do.

Do you have a memory or comment you would like to share about a favourite teacher, or someone that influenced you the most at RCS?
Among other good teachers I had, Gordon Cook was one who had a fairness in dealing with us, in that he was strict but also had fun with us. He had patience, taking time to talk with us as students, even when he was busy. He connected well with his students.

What is your favourite memory from RCS? The Ottawa trip in Grade 10 was a fun experience.

From your perspective, what is the value of an RCS education?
It’s a well-founded education, based on God’s Word and the Reformed doctrinal standards that we hold so dear. It’s also a well-rounded education, in that RCS prepares its students for life with a good worldview, in sciences, arts, languages, etc.

Do you feel connected to RCS? Please provide a reason for your response.
Yes there is a definite connection. All our children have gone through or are currently attending RCS. We as parents have immersed ourselves in school life, for our children’s sake but also for the school community as a whole. In fact, one of our daughters is an RCS EA and another is studying to be a teacher. We love volunteering and encourage our kids to do the same. God has been good in granting RCS to us and our children and blessing the teachings given there.

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