General School Information

Rehoboth Christian School is owned and operated by the Rehoboth Free Reformed Christian School Society of Copetown (instituted in 1976). This Society is composed of parents and other interested persons whose aim is to promote and exercise Christian education, as founded in the infallible Word of God—the Old and New Testaments—through the establishment and maintenance of a Christian school. This school includes Kindergarten through Grade 12. Membership in the Society is open to persons who are members in good standing of the Free Reformed Church of North America, the Netherlands Reformed Congregations of North America, or the Heritage Reformed Congregations.

Our History

Rehoboth Christian School was established in September 1978 after purchasing 10 acres of farmland and building a six classroom school.   The first year there were 74 students in grades 1-8 and four full time teachers.  The annual operating budget for that year was $85,000.

The name Rehoboth is taken from Genesis 26.  The history relayed here tells of the herdsmen of Isaac and the Philistines who were at odds with one another in the valley Gerar.  Seeing Isaac’s flocks and crops prosper, the Philistines became jealous and filled the wells Isaac’s father Abraham had dug with sand so that they became unusable.  In response, Isaac re-dug the wells and each time he did so, the Philistines contended that the water was theirs.  Finally, Isaac dug a well that the Philistines didn’t claim.  In Genesis 26:22b we are told that in response, Isaac “called the name of it Rehoboth; and he said, For now the Lord hath made room for us, and we will be fruitful in the land.”

Similar to this history, the founding of Rehoboth meant overcoming obstacles, making sacrifices, and achieving peace.   To this day, we thank God for the room given and for the growth and prosperity we continue to experience.

“And Isaac digged again the wells of water, which they had digged in the days of Abraham his father.” (Gen.26:18)

Mission Statement

To assist parents in training their covenant children for faithful service by providing excellent, God-glorifying, Reformed, Biblical education.


Membership of the school society is open to members in good standing of the Free Reformed Churches of North America, Heritage Reformed Churches, and the Netherlands Reformed Congregations of North America.  Enrollment is open to children of parents and guardians who are members of this society. Non-member families attending a reformed church, who desire a Reformed Christian education for their children may be considered for enrolment per approval of the Board.  Enrollment is limited by facility constraints and our guideline for not exceeding 20% of the current student population.