Rehoboth Christian School opened in September 1978 with six classrooms. In 1981 a high school wing with four more classrooms and a single Gymnasium were added. In 1989 a second story was constructed above the elementary wing adding six more classrooms. In February 2000 three additional high school classrooms and a double Gymnasium were completed. This brought the total number of classrooms in the main building to 19 full classrooms plus a special needs room and 3 music practice rooms. In 2004 a Technical building with two shops and a classroom was completed.

Most of these rooms are “standard” classrooms but some have very specific purposes. Rehoboth has a full computer lab with 30 computers, as well as a well equipped Science lab, a Wood shop and an Auto shop. Having this wide variety of classrooms students have the opportunity to learn a diverse number of subjects from English, Mathematics, History, Science and Religion as well as Music, Art, Construction and Automotive.

From the first day our students walk into our kindergarten classroom until the day they cross the stage on their graduating night, the walls of our classrooms can attest to the fact that our students are being taught well. From the Alphabet to Apologetics, Counting to Calculus, Math to Music each subject is taught in such a way that our students, upon leaving Rehoboth, are prepared to live their lives in a way that is Glorifying to God.


The existing playground, which replaced aging equipment that no longer met safety standards, was installed during the summer of 2004 by Little Tikes Commercial Play Systems Inc. Having a price tag of more $40,000, the money was raised by two local choirs that gave a benefit concert, as well as designating proceeds from the sale of CD recordings for this cause. The vibrant colours and various pieces of equipment are being immensely enjoyed by the elementary students of Rehoboth. The playground consists of a Track Ride, Double Ring Trek, Parallel Pommel Climber, Infinity ground to deck climber, Rock Wall Challenge, Circle Challenge Ladder, Infinity Loop, Tike of Steel Four, and three slides which includes a DuraGlide™ Spiral Slide. Surrounded by Kid Timbers™ Board Panels, wood chips are used as a safety surface. In 2006, a set of six swings were added to the playground. This project was also funded by the Hosanna and Mattaniah choirs.


The gymnasium at Rehoboth was opened in February, 2000. The architectural drawings give it the name “gymnatorium”, because it serves the school society as a multi-functional room. The main use is as a gymnasium for Physical Education classes and Intramural Sports programs, but it also serves as an auditorium for Chapel services, wedding celebrations, anniversaries, bazaars, membership meetings, etc. The gymnatorium can be divided into two halves with a motorized vinyl curtain so that two gym activities can be held simultaneously.The gymnatorium is 100 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 25 feet high (or two gyms of 75 feet long by 50 feet wide when divided). The roof slopes down to one end so that all of the rainwater can be collected and stored in a cistern underneath the building. The former gymnasium (1981-2000) was just under one half of the size of the new one, and it was difficult to schedule all of the gym classes for a K-12 school with a population of 400 students.

It is our goal to provide our students with at least two 20 minute periods of physical exercise every day. The elementary grades have two 30 minute recesses every day, and a least two 40 minute PE classes every week. The high school classes have one 30 minute intramural period every day, and one 72 minute PE period every day for one semester.

Combined with a healthy eating program, we aim to train our students to be physically active every day, and to be able enjoy sports activities into their adult life. Christian education aims to train the heart (body), mind, and soul.

Wood Shop

The wood shop is part of the tech building which was built in 2004 and opened in November of that year. The shop is approximately 2000 square feet. A large roll up door allows for receiving materials and removing larger projects. We have a good variety of hand tools as well as power tools. There is also an air compressor which supplies air for pneumatic tools. We have a dust collector system which connects to all stationary equipment to reduce the amount of dust in the shop.

The courses available are grade 7 and 8 woodworking and grade 10 and 11 construction technology and design technology. Grade 7/8 is an introduction to wood and woodworking, the basic use of tools and equipment on smaller projects. The construction technology course covers residential construction from foundation to completion of the home. We discuss all phases of construction in theory and apply as much as possible in the shop class. We have had the opportunity to build a number of garden sheds which are sold to cover material costs. The design technology course uses the shops to build proto types of some of their ideas or samples of products which are presented to the class as part of a marketing plan.

The goal of the wood shop is to give the student the opportunity to see if they have been given a gift to work with wood and tools either for employment or pleasure. We hope that together with a co-op program we can direct a student correctly to use the gift that God has given. In the future we hope to expand studies into more trade areas.

Auto Shop

The auto shop is part of the tech building which shares a classroom with the woodshop. Built in 2004 and also opened in November of that year. The auto shop is approximately 1500 square feet complete with a roll up door as well and also has a hoist which can safely raise a vehicle up for ease of service from below.

In the auto course of study we look at the various parts of the automobile. As introduction we look at the various fluids of the vehicle and their purpose. We have had the opportunity to do oil changes on vehicles as well as brakes and lubrication. Surplus engines are taken apart to identify various parts.

The goal of the auto course is to educate the students as operators of vehicles for proper maintenance and identify component failure, and to be able to converse with the mechanic about the repairs required for a vehicle. Again it is an opportunity for students to recognize a gift and desire to work in the auto mechanic field. Working together with a co-op program to prepare them to work in this trade area.