What year did you graduate from RCS? 2001

Which grades did you attend at RCS? K-12

Were you a part of any clubs, societies or teams at RCS?
I don’t believe there were any clubs, societies, or teams at RCS while I was a student there. However, I was part of the Student Council.

What was your next step after graduating from RCS?
Undergraduate training in the Science and Business program at the University of Waterloo

How did you find the transition from RCS to your next phase of life?
Relatively smooth. My RCS education had prepared me sufficiently for my undergraduate training. One of the biggest adjustments was dealing with everything being taught from a non-Christian worldview. But RCS, especially my science classes from Mr. Jason Keuning, had prepared me for this as well.

What is your highest degree of education? Where did you receive this degree and from what institution?
Doctor of Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, ON

What is your current occupation? Chiropractor

Where do you currently live? West Flamborough, Ontario

Are you married? Yes If yes, for how long? 5 years

Do you have children, if yes, how many? 2 with 1 on the way

What feedback or suggestions do you have for the teachers working with our graduating seniors?
I would encourage the teachers to ensure that the graduating students know 1) why the Christian worldview is the only philosophically justifiable and logically coherent explanation for reality and 2) why creation science is the only scientifically plausible explanation for the universe.

Do you have a memory or comment you would like to share about a favourite teacher, or someone that influenced you the most at RCS?
I have many fond memories of the various teachers I had while at RCS. However, one thing I am still thankful for is the strong emphasis Mr. Jason Keuning placed on creation science. As a result of that, as well as God’s preserving grace, I was able to ‘survive’ my evolution-based post-secondary education and remain committed to the truth of the Biblical creation account and the Christian Worldview.

Do you feel connected to RCS? Please provide a reason for your response.
Yes, to a degree. Obviously that connection was at its strongest point while I was still attending RCS. After leaving RCS, that connection weakened significantly. However, I still refer to RCS as ‘my school’ and ‘the school.’

From your perspective, what is the value of an RCS education?
The value of an RCS education is that each of the courses/subjects is taught from a Reformed Christian worldview where God’s Word is taken literally and seen as the only basis for faith and life.

What is your favourite memory from RCS?
I look back with fondness on my years at RCS and am thankful to God, as well as to my parents and the many others in our school community who gave up so much to make it possible for me to receive my education there. I don’t know if I have a specific favourite memory. However, some of the things that I fondly remember are the many experiments (aka explosions) that we did in science class, the yearly class trips, and high school ski trips (I’m not sure why they all seem to be unrelated to actual ‘school work’ 🙂 )

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