Maiden Name: den Boer

What year did you graduate from RCS? 2008

Which grades did you attend at RCS? K-12

Were you a part of any clubs, societies or teams at RCS?
Spelling Bees, Public Speaking, Intramural sports, basketball & volleyball team, Yearbook Committee, Student Council

What was your next step after graduating from RCS?
Attended McMaster University to complete Bachelor of Science in Nursing

How did you find the transition from RCS to your next phase of life?
It was so much easier to skip class in university! However, I do not condone this behaviour 😉

What is your current occupation? Registered Nurse

Where do you currently live? Boston, Massachusetts

Are you married? Yes! To the wonderful Dr. Andrew Giles

If yes, for how long? Over 3 years

Do you have children, if yes, how many? No

What feedback or suggestions do you have for the teachers working with our graduating seniors?
When you see a student has a specific gifting – speak into it, encourage them to explore this talent in extracurricular ways & follow up with them to show you support them. Also, innovation & networking seems to be the name of the game in this rapidly changing world. I’m sure it would be helpful if there were classes/events that would highlight these topics – this would enable students to build a foundation in these areas before heading into ‘the real world’.

Do you have a memory or comment you would like to share about a favourite teacher, or someone that influenced you the most at RCS?
I have many awesome memories of RCS! As a youngster, I loved the corn roasts (crab apple fight anyone?), bazaars & ‘supermarket’ days (cheese & church candy supply restored!). In high school, I enjoyed student council social events & life chats on the wooden lost and found box (usually with Mr. Bill Wassink). Mr. Raymond Roth was one of my favorite teachers because he kept me on my toes with his witty comebacks & he gave us ‘free time’ almost every week to burn off energy (which was spent playing soccer in the gym of course!) I still have a cherished letter from Mrs. Sarah Vlietstra (nee DeVries), written in my graduate year; it is full of encouragement & insight on the importance of relying on God for all things. Some days, I would spend my ‘free periods’ hanging out in Mr. Westerink’s office, chatting up a storm (he was a great listener & advisor!) I probably should mention my dad (Bill den Boer) was my teacher in grade 3 – but contrary to popular belief, he was not my ‘favorite’ teacher because he always knew what homework I had to complete & I never got away with anything in class (sigh). Love you Dad!

Do you feel connected to RCS? Please provide a reason for your response.
Growing up in a community for over 13 years, I definitely feel connected to RCS. I know that I could walk through the front doors & be welcomed by many familiar faces. That being said, my husband and I have a passion and ever expanding vision for global health/medicine in developing countries, so the likelihood of us being in the neighbourhood is unlikely! But if I am, I’ll stop by 🙂

From your perspective, what is the value of an RCS education?
The value of RCS education lies in its biblical foundation. What a blessing to have an Christian education that led me to discover the world (math, geography, language) and comprehend the awesome way that God made & sustains everything. Christian values and principles are vital to have in your ‘tool belt’ as you face the never ending barrage of secular, anti-Christian ways of the world. I encourage RCS, the students & staff to continue to commit to Jesus Christ in all things – pursue integrity, compassion, justice and service for the benefit of others.

What is your favourite memory from RCS?
Every ‘first day of school’: the sound of new shoes on the squeaky clean floors, the smell of new books & crayons, the sight of long time friends after the summer break & the feeling of excitement – ready to start fresh again.

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