Maiden Name: Tamminga

Which grades did you attend at RCS? Grade 1-10

Were you a part of any clubs, societies or teams at RCS? 
I was on the student council.

How did you find the transition from RCS to your next phase of life?
After Grade 10 I attended a public school. This transition was difficult. The change was so drastic and all this at a vulnerable age.

What is your current occupation?
I currently have a full-time job caring for my family. I do work one day a week and volunteer at our thrift store which supports Jordan Christian School.

Where do you currently live? I live in Welland, Ontario

Are you married? Yes If yes, for how long? 18 years

Do you have children, if yes, how many? 4

What feedback or suggestions do you have for the teachers working with our graduating seniors?
Teach our students to strive to do their best realizing that all our gifts and talents come from God. We are not here for our own glory but to use all that we have been given to glorify God, to serve others and show others the way to Christ.

Do you have a memory or comment you would like to share about a favourite teacher, or someone that influenced you the most at RCS?
Miss Van’t Hof, now Mrs. Hamstra was like a mother to us. She was a great influence on us when we were little.
Mr. Westerink was a great example to me in showing how Christ affects every part of your life. He was very passionate about what he taught and his biblical perspective was very evident in the classroom.

Do you feel connected to RCS? Please provide a reason for your response.
I still feel some connection to RCS because this is where I spent a lot of my childhood years. I see family and family of former classmates having the privilege of attending RCS.

From your perspective, what is the value of an RCS education?
There is great value in an RCS education or any christian education. My children go to a christian school as well. We put a lot of time and energy into making sure they receive an education with biblical perspective, that strong character values are taught and that they would be ready to serve others in their communities and in their local churches.

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