What year did you graduate from RCS? 2016

Which grades did you attend at RCS? K-12

Were you a part of any clubs, societies or teams at RCS?
I was a member of the yearbook committee in grade 9, a class rep for student council in grade 12 and I played on the soccer team grades 7-12.

What was your next step after graduating from RCS?
I attended Conestoga College for Interior Decorating.

How did you find the transition from RCS to your next phase of life?
I found the transition easy, I quickly found my place and found some Christian friends at college which was a bonus.

What is your highest degree of education? Where did you receive this degree and from what institution?
I will graduate with a diploma in Interior Decorating from Conestoga College this June. I am also in the works of completing my CanFitPro to become a personal trainer.

What is your current occupation?
I am a design consultant and in sales at Hauser in Burlington and I still work part time at my local gym because it will help me with getting my CanFitPro.

Where do you currently live? St George

What feedback or suggestions do you have for the teachers working with our graduating seniors?
A lot of college and university students don’t question religion since we live an a world of acceptance and freedom of expression. However, people will notice that you are different and they will ask why you do or don’t do certain things. People from other churches will also ask those questions. It is important for students to go into the secular world knowing why they believe what they do and what sets them apart from other churches. That way when people ask those tough ‘why’ questions students can be ready to answer and be more confident in their faith. I would also encourage taking co-ops. For me it really confirmed my program choice and for some of my friends it confirmed that they didn’t want to get into the field they thought they did. It is also your first chance to gain experience your field which is so important.

Do you have a memory or comment you would like to share about a favourite teacher, or someone that influenced you the most at RCS?
I really appreciated Mr Roth. I was always the student who asked the tough questions in religion class and after class Mr Roth always looked into finding an answer for me.

Do you feel connected to RCS? Please provide a reason for your response.
I think I’ll always have a connection to RCS although it is definitely changed since graduation. I made some of my first friends here and those friendships and changed and grown over the 13 years I attended. It is important to have a solid support group and RCS and our church communities provide that. A group of my classmates still meet up every once in a while and I’m glad that we’ve still maintained those friendships since we’ve moved on from RCS.

From your perspective, what is the value of an RCS education?
I definitely see the value of an RCS education. Developing good Christian friends and years of Bible classes and in general, approaching every course from a biblical perspective is important and I definitely see the value of that now that I look back.

What is your favourite memory from RCS?
Class trips and spares were always a highlight. This is how our class got close and we made some great memories. I’ll also never forget the time that Kaitlyn Pennings came on our business trip and the teacher didn’t realize she wasn’t in our business class till half way through the day. She and I had a lot of laughs through the years. Another memory was when our soccer team had a tournament in St Catharines. We went to the duty free store in between games and ended up crossing the border without passports. Luckily the border security believed our story and we crossed the border back into Canada and made it to our soccer game in time.

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